Random Images

November 7, 2007


Why not? So I aimed my digital camera straight into the sun while I was trimming backyard vegetation. I remember as a small child I challenged the sun, stared without blinking while it set over Manila Bay. The sun as I saw it turned into a sea of blue, then darkness as it disappeared behind the water now filled with reclamation concrete. I thought I won the duel even if it persisted to burn my cornea into a crisp.I t was fun working on this image (above). A humble perception of Ra disappearing beyond an invisible horizon.


Image (above) created from photo I took of Wally Gonzalez in Sydney. A quiet gentleman as he meditated on notes woven with an old Fender. Awesome Filipino musician!

For you Sir Wally, more power to Juan dela Cruz Band!


Wild Horses & Snakes

Image (above) created from a bunch of green and red chilli. Eating them will drive any life form wild.


The Strange Chook

As image of Sunspots evolved, the chicken in my backyard devolved into screeching megaphones. Impatient beings! I feed them on cue with wheat grain and kitchen left-overs like leaky grapes and tutong (burnt portions of cooked rice). One particular hen gave me a hard time with its endless cackling. Image (above) is gift hoping it soothes her nerves. Photo-mental power! (Oh why can’t just they shut up and lay their eggs!:-)



  1. Exciting digital works, EddA! I bet, like hitting a golf ball, strokes made in this artwork cannot be repeated . . . and that’s the beauty of it – – always new, always searching, always exciting! ~~>:) glenn

  2. Gaganda pa rin! Favorite ko ang Sunspot, naka-reserba na pang-cover ng Poets’picturebook!


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